I Am an Artist

I Am an Artist

I had some iffy potatoes left in my cabinet so I decided to mash them before they went completely bad. I have always been told that the key to creamy mashed potatoes is to add cream cheese and I had some cream cheese so I tried it out. I then topped it with some cheddar cheese because I obviously have a cheese problem…


Just Add a Little Spinach ( and a lot of cheese)


This is the spinach baked mac and cheese I made the other night. It tasted so good. I usually am not one to think vegetables add my flavor but spinach and cheese is a good combination in my book.

Gone Batty



This is The Boo pattern from Mochimochi Land (http://mochimochiland.com/shop/boo-pattern/). It is a really quick knit and I made her in a night. I haven’t added the button that the pattern has yet and I am thinking of making another one trying out the other wing pattern. I am really bad at embroidering so my attempt at the teeth turned into a side quirky smile and will stay that way. I really like the loops for the feet and I currently have her hanging off a shelf above my bed.