Butterfly Pizza?


This is my beautiful butterfly pizza. It was delicious and I perfect sized. I had some dough left over and just went for it. The key is to have dough in your fridge at all times. Everything after making the dough is a breeze.


Don’t Make Pizza When You Are Starving

IMG_20140312_215420 IMG_20140312_215839

This is midterm week for I am sure every college student in America. As one of those college students I have had a busy week. I spent most of my day Wednesday in a computer lab and didn’t have time to eat all day. I finally got home around 9pm to a kitchen completely cleaned by my roommate and I felt no shame in messing it up with delicious pizza. I broke out my last pizza dough from last weeks batch which would be the foundation of this monster. Like most pizzas I started with some tomato sauce. The next layer also was standard mozzarella cheese. It was at this point I deviated from the norm with some cooked spinach and what is spinach without some ricotta? This doesn’t seem that odd in itself except I didn’t stop there. The next layer was elbows pasta which I have to top with cheddar and monterey¬† jack cheese because I love cheese and it is pizza. It was so good and I ate half of it that night. The only thing missing was some mushrooms.




I am surprised I haven’t posted about my homemade pizza yet. This is a pretty standard but delicious dish I make for myself. I use my boy friend’s family’s recipe. This is the standard cheese pizza but sometimes I mix it up with the toppings. The most time consuming part is making the dough so I usually make enough dough for three pizzas at a time. This was my second pizza of the week.