Failure Dinner

Tonight I thought I would make a mushroom and spinach alfredo sauce with pasta. I chopped up some onion, mushrooms, and spinach and sauteed them in butter while putting some water boiling. By the time my spaghetti was cooked the milk I mixed in with the sauteed vegetables was simmering. I mixed in some Parmesan cheese but sadly the pan was too hot and the sauce curdled. I was really sad after all the work and ingredients I put in the dish into this dish.¬† I didn’t want to throw it away but I really didn’t want to eat curdled sauce either; the cheese was all clumped together in yellow tinged clear liquid.

My solution was to mix in a couple cups of cheddar cheese, sprinkle some bread crumbs on top, and throw it in the oven. I went from spinach and mushroom alfredo sauce into spinach and mushroom mac (well spaghetti) and cheese. It didn’t come out half bad!




Best (or Worst?) Idea for Dessert


I started going to Camp Nokomis when I was ate and spent 10 summers there. One of my favorite traditions was every Sunday night dessert was a home made chipwich, as pictured above. A chipwich with a home made cookie assembled by hand and frozen when served (there was a bit of a bite to it) was the start of an amazing Sunday night (afterwards we also had Chapel and Campfire). My camp experience was the inspiration for my brilliant, yet fattening, idea. Now my family isn’t really made up of bakers and so I never grew up with homemade cookies so it isn’t sacrilege to bake some break and bake cookies. This leads us to the actual idea. In my fridge I almost always have a package of brake and bake cookie dough and in my freezer I keep so ice cream. This means in less than a half hour I can have a warm chipwich. As you can see, sometimes I don’t just make one…

Don’t Make Pizza When You Are Starving

IMG_20140312_215420 IMG_20140312_215839

This is midterm week for I am sure every college student in America. As one of those college students I have had a busy week. I spent most of my day Wednesday in a computer lab and didn’t have time to eat all day. I finally got home around 9pm to a kitchen completely cleaned by my roommate and I felt no shame in messing it up with delicious pizza. I broke out my last pizza dough from last weeks batch which would be the foundation of this monster. Like most pizzas I started with some tomato sauce. The next layer also was standard mozzarella cheese. It was at this point I deviated from the norm with some cooked spinach and what is spinach without some ricotta? This doesn’t seem that odd in itself except I didn’t stop there. The next layer was elbows pasta which I have to top with cheddar and monterey¬† jack cheese because I love cheese and it is pizza. It was so good and I ate half of it that night. The only thing missing was some mushrooms.