Best (or Worst?) Idea for Dessert


I started going to Camp Nokomis when I was ate and spent 10 summers there. One of my favorite traditions was every Sunday night dessert was a home made chipwich, as pictured above. A chipwich with a home made cookie assembled by hand and frozen when served (there was a bit of a bite to it) was the start of an amazing Sunday night (afterwards we also had Chapel and Campfire). My camp experience was the inspiration for my brilliant, yet fattening, idea. Now my family isn’t really made up of bakers and so I never grew up with homemade cookies so it isn’t sacrilege to bake some break and bake cookies. This leads us to the actual idea. In my fridge I almost always have a package of brake and bake cookie dough and in my freezer I keep so ice cream. This means in less than a half hour I can have a warm chipwich. As you can see, sometimes I don’t just make one…


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