Plying My Homespun

You might have seen my previous post on spinning with my drop spindle. Since getting my spindle and my first fiber that came with it I got another package of fiber. In my package I got a variety pack along with 8 oz of lime green, gold, and indigo. I decided to start with the variety pack to get the hang of it. Here is what came of them.

IMG_20140320_003008 IMG_20140320_003001


You can’t really tell from the pictures but these are pretty small balls of yarn so I decided I wanted to try plying with them. My first combination was the top two, the dark blue and turquoise.


Since I am still new at spinning I wasn’t able to make the two the same thickness. With different thicknesses and also not exactly the same amounts of fiber for the two colors I ended up with extra dark blue. I think the blend worked out well but see for yourself.


Since I still had some extra of the other yarn I decided I would ply that with the purple yarn I spun.


To finish up a newly spun yarn you have to wash it. I had gotten some wool wash with my spindle and first fiber. I washed the newly plied yarn with the wool wash and used my pasta drier to dry it on.



The plying and the washing both made the yarn softer. I think they turned out really well.


I have about 300 yd of the turquoise and blue and about 150 yd of the  purple and blue. I am really excited to see how it knits up!


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