Spinning Update, My Journey Through Homespun

It has been 3 months since I decided to try spinning. As you might have seen in my earlier post it all started with a nice woman letting me try her wheel at a show which led me to get a drop spindle. My next post showed me dabbling in some 2 ply yarns of different colors making some colorful yarns. This post will sum those beginning yarns and show what I have done since then. The first thing I learned was you can only have as many spinning projects as you do drop spindles (or wheels but I am still saving for mine) so unlike knitting projects I have to actual choose what to work on next and am stuck with that for the next couple of weeks. Of course the solution to that was to get another spindle ;).


This picture shows all of the yarn I have spun since I began. The furthest left was my first attempt on the wheel followed by my first attempt at the drop spindle. The next couple are the two ply of different colors I tried followed by a two ply of one color. The green was my first try at 3 ply and after that I used my leftover green and plied with a thicker blue single that I had spun before.


The left is a three ply next to the two ply with the right being a thick single ply. The three ply does look a lot more “round” than the two ply. I have read that three ply yarn actually knits with less yardage than the two ply because it is round. Talking about knitting…


Here is the first yarn that I have made that I have actually knit with. I plied some yellow and purple together because i had some extra and they looked nice together. This is just a square of moss stitch. This brings me to a very good point. I am not really sure what I should make with my random amounts of different weight yarns. Do you have any ideas?


This picture really shows how far I have come in my spinning. These are both single ply with the pink in the back being the first thing I spun on my drop spindle and the green the last thing I spun on the same spindle. So if you are just beginning get ready for some pretty fast results!



When Is The Last Time I Finished Something?

I started this blog as an outlet to show mostly the many knitted and crocheted items I had been creating to people who might be interested in seeing them along with a place to show off my beautiful dog occasionally. Oh and to post pictures of food that I made too! I was hoping on only posting finished items and at the speed I was going I was sure I would have some pretty consistent posts. This year I have definitely tapered off and I realized it is because I have a zillion projects on my needles right now!

Do you guys get this problem too? You might have saw that I recently started spinning and along with that knew project and the shortest attention span in the world there is no hope of finishing a project. It might also have something to do that I have shifted to more knitting projects than crocheting ones. After Knitting Vogue I had a ton of NICE yarn that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with and told something that I had never heard before, knitting takes less yarn than crocheting! Since I learned that I was determined to knit my fancy yarns to make them last longer. I started a beautiful knit cardigan designed by Ann Weaver


I got the yarn from Neighborhood Fiber CO. It is gorgeous merino hand dyed wool. I still have to finish the sleeves and sew it all up!

Another project I was working on was vest which was part of a knit along from the shop by my parent’s house. The project was the Buttonbox Vest. I think it looks really pretty and I got some nice metal buttons to put on it. I am REALLY close to finishing this one. All I need to do is to knit the border of the armholes and sew in the ends and the pockets. The reason this got put on the back burner (besides my unenthusiasm for sewing) was it used the same needles that the sweater above used.


I also have a bit of a blanket habit so I have not one but two blankets in the works right now. One is my first try at entrelac made from Caron’s One Pound yarn and the other is a knit sampler made up of lots of squares with different stitches to try out.



Blankets always take a lot of time (especially if they are knit) so it is no surprise these aren’t done yet.

Something that does go faster that I recently started was a pair of socks using the Lion Brand Sockease yarn.


I am flying through this but I don’t know if you have made socks before but the second one usually takes WAY longer to finish, at least for me, because I already did that pattern before why not work on something knew!

There is one project that I am working on that isn’t knitting but crochet which is my bag. The bag is a little boring to work on since it consists of a lot of rectangles you just sew together and so far I only have 2 of the rectangles done.


I do want to finish this since it makes a very nice bag.

Not only do I have all of these lovely projects in the works but I also brought home a couple from my parents’ house I never finished. Hopefully I will have time to finish those projects soon!

Best (or Worst?) Idea for Dessert


I started going to Camp Nokomis when I was ate and spent 10 summers there. One of my favorite traditions was every Sunday night dessert was a home made chipwich, as pictured above. A chipwich with a home made cookie assembled by hand and frozen when served (there was a bit of a bite to it) was the start of an amazing Sunday night (afterwards we also had Chapel and Campfire). My camp experience was the inspiration for my brilliant, yet fattening, idea. Now my family isn’t really made up of bakers and so I never grew up with homemade cookies so it isn’t sacrilege to bake some break and bake cookies. This leads us to the actual idea. In my fridge I almost always have a package of brake and bake cookie dough and in my freezer I keep so ice cream. This means in less than a half hour I can have a warm chipwich. As you can see, sometimes I don’t just make one…

Plying My Homespun

You might have seen my previous post on spinning with my drop spindle. Since getting my spindle and my first fiber that came with it I got another package of fiber. In my package I got a variety pack along with 8 oz of lime green, gold, and indigo. I decided to start with the variety pack to get the hang of it. Here is what came of them.

IMG_20140320_003008 IMG_20140320_003001


You can’t really tell from the pictures but these are pretty small balls of yarn so I decided I wanted to try plying with them. My first combination was the top two, the dark blue and turquoise.


Since I am still new at spinning I wasn’t able to make the two the same thickness. With different thicknesses and also not exactly the same amounts of fiber for the two colors I ended up with extra dark blue. I think the blend worked out well but see for yourself.


Since I still had some extra of the other yarn I decided I would ply that with the purple yarn I spun.


To finish up a newly spun yarn you have to wash it. I had gotten some wool wash with my spindle and first fiber. I washed the newly plied yarn with the wool wash and used my pasta drier to dry it on.



The plying and the washing both made the yarn softer. I think they turned out really well.


I have about 300 yd of the turquoise and blue and about 150 yd of theĀ  purple and blue. I am really excited to see how it knits up!