Valentine’s Day Present for Someone Special


This is the wonderful hat I made for my boy friend for Valentine’s Day. The pattern I used was called Greer ( which I altered a little bit. I wanted to add in the forth color along with change the top  a little bit. I ended up doing the top three times. First I tried following the patter which was just 2 rows of k2tog and then tried a little less aggressive method of decreasing. Since decreasing the hat that fast made it fit a lot smaller I had to take it out again to I could decrease 8 times a round with a row of straight knits so that it would fit on my boy friend’s head.

I personally love the colors but no one else I have shown has really shown any enthusiasm for the hat so maybe one of you will enjoy it! I am an obnoxious person and sometimes like obnoxious colors! The yarn was the same suggested in the Greer pattern, Boston by Schachenmayr (


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